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"The Art of Story Marketing Newsletter"
Better Stories. Better Results. Better Lives.
This exclusive training letter is NOT for everyone. Only the select few; those who dare to stand up and lead their markets (not follow the crowd) qualify to receive this old school, ink on paper, monthly letter. 

But, if you do, you will have access to information found nowhere else, online or off, that introduces new paradigms, questions the old rules, and leads to a fresh take on marketing in the 21st century.
Dear Friend,
If you have been struggling to stay up to date with the latest marketing ‘trends’...Feel frustrated like you are chasing for your market’s attention...Are tired with all the latest funnels, social media sites, blogs, videos, and everything else being taught to grow your business, then I have something special just for you...

“The Art of Story Marketing Newsletter” is an offline (paper on ink) monthly letter, featuring a mixture of classic story telling (the kind people sorely miss), psychographic behavior analysis, and real world application. It doesn’t matter what market you are in, if you have a transformational message that you want to get into the hearts and minds of more people, this is your chance.

You will get examples, case study results, insights, stats, even templates you can customize to implement in every issue. Beyond just tactics though, I go into the strategy behind every step. Strategies that you will use to change your approach to your market right now...If that is what you want.
Sterling Sherrell
Husband, Father, Story Marketer, & Mediocre Guitar Player
Make no mistake, this is not just about philosophy, this letter is designed to make you more money every time you read and implement the information.
It is not cheap, it is not found surfing around the web, and definitely not a sales pitch for some other program(s) I offer. In fact, I have my own businesses, thus I rarely accept outside projects anymore.
The goal for every issue is for you to look forward to receiving it, voraciously reading it (each issue is about 15 pages), and implementing straightaway. Doing so let’s you make a profit on your subscription, create massive changes in your market, and bragging about me to all your friends (or keep my letter as your little secret weapon if you prefer)...
Some examples of the marketing myths this newsletter stands up against:
  • You have to be seen as an “Expert” to your market. This myth will get you the opposite of what people are paying you for and cause you to never feel authentic
  • You have to pay to get people to a slick sales funnel. In this myth, you just keep spending more and more to get more customers. I show you how to spend less and make more, with or without a funnel
  • You have to stack your offers with more value. This myth will get people to abandon your offers quicker than Trump plowing through a bucket of fried chicken
  • The more content you create, the more chance you have at conversions...eventually. What a crock. You can have less content that outperforms 97% of your content pimping competitors
  • You have to publish a bestselling book, do viral videos, or have a popular podcast. Ugh. Unless you are just a self-absorbed egomaniac, this is dangerous. Dangerous to your health, family, and happiness. Run away from these methods
If you want to have a business, have a life, that MATTERS to people, then you need to be part of this movement. Not just one time, not just as another piece of your marketing, not just to scratch your itch of curiosity. 

I spend hours pouring my heart and insights into each issue. I don’t need to have anyone less than those who hunger for creating change -- lasting change -- for the people they are privileged serve.
Quite simply, because this is the best way to transmit the urgency of using Story Marketing. The tactile nature of receiving, handling, opening, turning each page, & making written notes, means this is different

It is different than getting another email, text, or pm. This is meant to make an impression by being sent to your home or office. Oh yeah, there will even be a postmark on it…
Even better. You don’t have the old habits you need to break free from. Also, you have not already invested a lot of time and money into old ineffective marketing methods. The ones that no longer work in today’s fragmented market. No more, “Customer Avatars”; “Value Propositions”; “Mission Statements”. 

Those are some of the methods being taught by people who are still trying to figure out the shift that our society is going through. 
As much as I like to talk about the new, stories fill the ancient need in our human souls. Stories define who we are and our place in the world. It used to be enough to copy and paste our marketing in assembly line fashion. That is no longer effective. People are seeking true connections through stories.

Stories transcend even the rational brain. The same brain we have been studying for centuries, in hopes to harness and understand. There is nothing rational about the latest Summer Blockbuster movie, but it will still sell millions of dollars in tickets...IF it is a great story.
Entire tribes, associations, friendships, and even marriages are based on finding people who share in our common story. It is the most powerful method to communicate your message, because it is the only one that nature has hardwired into every one of us.
If you are trying to do all the other tactics and tricks being taught to get attention, you are just another distraction. However, if you can turn your message into a story, a story that engages your audience, you are forever an invaluable resource (better yet a guide) to the life people are longing to lead. They just need you to show up with your unique story.

I was once trying to market my own products using traditional marketing methods. I found a product that was already selling to a market, got my own version, and put up ads. I was making some sales. But less than I needed to go full-time. In order to keep selling, I had to keep paying for more and more advertising. Unfortunately, I was not the only one doing so…
Because I had not come up with anything to make my product line compelling or unique, I had to compete with dozens of others, who also paid to advertise to my market. What do you think happens when more people are willing to pay to advertise to the same market segment? Of course, ad costs started going through the roof.
Even worse, as more competition came to my market, the pressure to lower prices hit as well. What was once a fun business to be in, turned into a cut throat game of chicken. Whoever could pay the most for customers was the winner. That may be the way others see business, but I wanted something more. Something that I could be proud of doing.
Previous to starting a business, I was a Pastor for a decade. I loved to help people make sense out of often complex topics. Be it the Bible, family situations, or current world events, every week I had hundreds of people looking to me to help navigate the complexities of life.
And every week, I did so through a new story.
So, when I needed to transform how I was reaching out to my market, I went back to what I knew best, stories.
I was then able to separate myself, not on price, not on packaging, nor on brand recognition. I was able to help people see how they would feel by using my product. My brand’s story, the one that they identified with, won them over to my brand. This resulted in me creating a million dollar product line in less than a year. 

Not bad for a former preacher, turned entrepreneur.

I have used my experience to do marketing copy for some of the top online and traditional brick & mortar brands. 

All based on timeless principles like:

  • Why Less Is More
  • The one and ONLY Story That Moves People To Action
  • How To Always Gain Immediate Trust, Even If It Is The First Contact With Your Prospect
  • And more...
  •  Being An Expert Hurts Your Brand
  •  Giving Free Info Is Not The Best Way to Get Trust
  •  Demographics Are No Longer Needed or Trustworthy
  • Price Should Never Determine Your Offer’s Worth
  • Funnels Are Not Part of A Long Term Marketing Plan
  • The Content Type That Gets Instantly Ignored ( and Worse Loses You Trust)
  • The # Method That Instantly Improves Conversions
  • When You Need To Slow Down Traffic To An Offer
  • What Most Get Wrong With Story Marketing
  • Why You Only Need A Small Percentage To Outperform Your Competition (and HOW To Get Them)
  • If You Build It They Will Not Come
  • The Email Secret Formula That Gets Opened, Read, & Responded
  • Why Schools Are Dooming Kids To Fail (my wife, a school teacher, agrees)
  • The First Line Most Story Marketers Consistently Fail To Use - I Show You Why This Is Key
  • Why People Refuse To Buy Even If They Want To
  • The Preacher Formula Used By Billy Graham To Convert Millions Worldwide You Should Copy
  • Why Farmers Are Better Than Hunters
  • When Is The ‘Golden Time’ To Ask For The Sale
  • The More Proof, The Less Interested People Become
  • ...And Much More
Plus You When You Subscribe, You Will get My Personal Email
If you trust me with subscribing, I trust you to contact me directly, when I can help you.

...Need some tips on a lead for a sales letter, hit me up
 ...Got a problem getting your email list open rates, show me
  ...Not sure how to setup your Facebook campaign reports, I will show you mine
   ...Just want to have someone to talk to who has been through the ups and downs, here I am (I have been where you are)
When you subscribe, I am also going to send you a physical copy of my book, “Strategic Copywriting For Coaches”  
As My Gift To You For Subscribing...
Bonus For Joining "The Art of Story Marketing Newsletter"
This was published as a direct result of the copywriting I was doing for the coaching industry. 

WARNING, it contains information that explicitly contradicts the so-called gurus of personal brand marketing.
I go over more tactics than philosophy in this book. It was meant to be a field guide for people to reference as they grew a coaching business. Some of my favorite parts are the email secrets system, letting your vulnerability lead you, and what to say to someone who has been burned from buying services like yours before.
It is a quick read, but real world tested. You are going to love it, even if you are selling physical products or other services to your market.

So What’s the Bottom Line?
"The Art of Story Marketing Newsletter" is $97 per month. Shipping is free worldwide.

There are no refunds, but you are free to cancel anytime.
Why no refunds?
This is not some rehashed marketing material. I am spending dozens of hours each month compiling and presenting relevant information. There is a real value to that, I hope you can see.
It is not meant for everyone. I am not trying to get famous publishing a hard copy newsletter (really?)
I do value your time and your commitment to get better at your craft of marketing. In turn I expect you to value mine. There will be no harsh feelings if you cancel. Even if you are a subscriber for a specific season in your life, I am glad to have you and will wish you well if you unsubscribe.

If you are the type that likes to hop from guru to guru, then I am not your guy. I am not a guru, nor do I aspire to be one. I want to help people transform the world.

The ones I want, the ones who will benefit, are the ones eager to implement the information. If you are looking for another distraction, go binge watch the latest hotness on Netflix…
Do you want people to miss you if you die? 
To make such an impact on others, that you are spoken of with fondness. You gave people new paradigms, perspectives, and hope. So that when you die, your legacy continues. That is what The Art of Story Marketing Newsletter is all about. 

That is why our tagline is:
Better Stories. 
Better Results. 
Better Lives.
If you are ready, then click the Add To Cart button below.

You will get a copy of my “Strategic Copywriting For Coaches” sent right away. The newsletter is printed and sent the first week of each month. You will get the newest issue sent upon print. 
Best To You,

Sterling Sherrell
Is The Newsletter Available In PDF or Digital Format?
Nope. Nada. Negative.
I tend to Zag, while everyone else Zigs. This is a different format, because I am telling a different story than others. You will only get this via physical mail only.

Are There Back Issues Available To Buy?
Typically not.
I really don’t want to go back and package old newsletters to each individual. I don’t mind working, but that is not what I want to be doing. I may offer back issue packages (at the same rate others paid), but do not count on it. I also have other business ventures to look after. I hope that is understandable.

Do You Offer A Trial Issue?
Won’t be happening.
If you have to ask that, then you are not a candidate to join in the first place. I produce a lot of free content across the internet already. If you got value out of it and join, you know the quality I give to my audience. You can cancel if you do not like what I have produced, but it is not going to be a freebie.

Is The Art of Story Marketing For E-commerce Businesses?
If you have a brand you are trying to develop, then absolutely. However, if you are just drop shipping or doing arbitrage models, there is no value in using story marketing.

What If I Am A Copywriter For Others?
Welcome Aboard!
Copywriters, myself included, are always looking to improve our craft. This newsletter will become a valuable part of your tool set. Whether consulting for your copy clients or writing your next control direct mail piece, you are going to be on the cutting edge of where copy is going for the next generation.

What If I Sell B2B?
Definitely this is a must for you to subscribe.
I personally sold millions of dollars as an account manager for a multi-billion dollar industrial chemical distributor and a high tech company in Silicon Valley. I have used the elements of story marketing in boardrooms and in golf carts. As long as people are engaged to buy from a story, you are going to benefit from this vital info.
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